Wednesday, February 18, 2009

l'Atelier's 30th anniversary

Breakfast: Roobois tea+ 10 fresh almonds +1 apple + 1 banana

30 min walk and 100 leg sweeps

Lunch: 2 slices pumpernickel + hummus + 1 soya yogurt

1h30 walk

meeting snack: 1 portion granola + soya milk

Wine bar meeting: 1 glass Greek pudding wine+ 1 handful roasted almonds 

I dine at the event hosted for the 30th anniversary of L'Atelier2 tiny slices brown bread+ 2 thin slices saucisson + water
We find Denis, a very dynamic and successful French entrepreneur and his accomplice whom I papped in the company of Pascale Diaine, Orange "evangelist".

At midnight, during a late-night work session, pistachios crisps + hummus and guacamole

Ate too much, but will catch up tomorrow!

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