Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Filming in 5 languages, yes, yes, it can be done

The day starts out in bright sunshine, and then, for the first time in 10 days, the sky gets overcast... not great for a filming day but we can't delay.

30 min walk on an empty stomach with Nestle

Plenty of tea

Breakfast: raw cereals  + almond milk

Lunch with the girls: lentil/carnitas soup+ 10 thin gluten free crackers and guacamole + 1 orange + 1 after eight

No snack (it is crazy how hunger isn't felt when one isn't thinking about it... this proves that most of the time snacking is only a "pastime")

Filming (nearly) all day long... in 5 languages (French, English, German getting steep, Spanish let's concentrate... and the cherry on the cake, in Italian... it was hard and don't tell me that it is like Corsican or I scream!)
In any case, many thanks you to the crew (yup, thanks!) that made sure that everything went well, from the hair and make up, to the pronunciation help, the lighting and all the other vital details. Well done!

At the gym: 1h cardio-training full blast (500 calories burnt). Alternating: 15 min elliptical trainer + 15 min recumbent bike + 15 min running + 15 min stairmaster

Diner prepared by my boy: lentilles/carnitas soup+ 1 vegan corndog + 10 thin gluten free crackers with guacamole + 1/2 orange + 6 After Eight (that's it they are finished!)

There, one would think that we are done for the day... no way... we'll slip a few abdominals and biceps curls into the evening, I can feel it.

20 min strength building (I got them in!)

2 min ballerina moves whilst brushing my teeth

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