Saturday, February 7, 2009

Demi Moore's youth secrets

Besides the cosmetic surgery expenses accredited to her and her VERY SUCCESSFUL personal maintenance, rumored to be reaching around £500,000 (a highly questionable figure if you ask me), Demi exercises for 3 hours everyday. Yes you read me right , ... THREE HOURS! and I am not even talking about her incredible ability to follow a non-inflammatory diet (without any industrially refined foods)... she was a 100% raw-foodist for a while at the time of the first Charlie's Angels.
You can, by the way, find some raw recipes in the LeBootCamp weight-loss program.

Oxygen facials, glycolic acid  peelings,  detoxifying leech treatments in Austria, etc... she is the queen of novelty and hard work.
As a result, at the age of 46 and married to a 31 year old man, Demi has got "It" and really doesn't look artificial unlike some scalpel happy celebs do.

As a result, motivation comes and, I have a rather busy day:)

Unlimited Roobois all day long.

30 min walk with Nestle on an empty stomach (my walk, not the dog)

Breakfast: 1/2 papaya + lime juice + 1 a small handful of fresh nuts... and I was going to stick to that, when diets' death angel appeared (yes Paula I am talking about you) with hot cookies straight out of the oven... oh come on, let's enjoy, it is good for the mood and hop a cookie... I'll go and burn it off later!

Off to the gym: 10 min elliptical trainer + 1h Pilates class with a ball (intense) + 35 min exercise bike.

Lunch: 1 bowl of leek and potato soup + 1 veggie steak with steamed cauliflower + 1 whole-grain rice-cake/guacamole + 1 blood-red orange

1h walk on the bay

Snack : 1 handful nuts + 1 banana (to prevent muscle cramps as I had 2 during my Pilates class) + 1 small handful Inca berries + 1 cube of plastic American cheese 

Diner: a couple of dozen corn crisps  + salsa + 4 chicken wings + 1 portion apple flamenkuche + 1 ball soya cherry ice cream 

50 jumping jacks
100 abs on the killer abs lounge
30 wall press-ups
100 stand-up sweeps on each side
2 min ballerina 

I discover Girl With a Pearl Earring with the superb Colin Firth and Scarlett Johansson. A must see if you haven't already done. Don't expect any action, it's more of an aesthetic, subtle and emotional film. 

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