Monday, February 9, 2009

12 degrees Celcius- The Artic circle reaches San Francisco

Plenty of Rooibos

A very busy day lays before me

Breakfast: 1 small cranberry porridge 

30 minutes walk with Nestle

At the gym: 60 minutes cardio training at 125-135 bpm mixing exercise bike, elliptical trainer, stairmaster + 30 lunges with 5 pound weights in each hand

Lunch: 8 raw Nori rolls + 1 wholegrain rice cake with guacamole + 4 fresh dates

30 minutes walk around the bay

Snack: 1 apple + 2 satsumas + 8 dates + 12 square chocolate (yes, it is a lot but the diet vampire laid them out prominently)

30 minutes walk
100 abs on the killer abs lounge
40 inverted triceps

Diner: steamed asparagus+ soyanaise + Brussels sprouts and steamed cod fillet with a drizzle of olive oil + 4 satsumas and 3 dates.

100 leg sweeps on each side

I will finish the day with a thought for our Australian friends and more specifically in those in the state of Victoria where the fires are raging... the biggest natural catastrophy of its kind... not that natural after all, as some of the fires are the work of some pyromaniac(s?)... to be followed

well I am not quite finished, on a lighter note,... someone did their free profile on today and has put their address as "valerieorsonihasabigbum' ... very amusing, and true and I am proud of it, men like a bit of shape, let it be known!
If you recognise yourself , please contact us, we love a good laugh here! 

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  1. let's pray for our friends down under.....thank you Valerie for being so thoughtful. Ava