Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to walk the distance without noticing (for Murielle)

Message for Murielle: I do not walk for 4 hrs every day (even if I would like to). You posted your comment after a Saturday "en famille"... on week-ends, we make the time to walk together :) not really feasible on week days, I concede ;)
Otherwise, like a lot of my clients, I try to make all my phone calls from a cordless phone, or my mobile, to walk or tread around for an extra 1 or 2 hours a day without even noticing. (note: it is also much better for your back and your posture to stand up and move during phone calls, if you can) 

Roobois tea

Breakfast : 1 soya yogurt + sugar free cereals

1h10 walk on the phone with C and S... I am more energetic and alert walking than sitting with my bum stuck to a chair :) 

Lunch : 1 piece of chicken breast + sojannaise + 1 wholegrain rice cake with hummus + 1 soya yogurt + blueberries

Snack: 1 soya yogurt (new size 100 calories :) + a little sugar free cereals added to it.

30 min walk

50 abs under my son's supervision 

10 floor push-ups

Diner: portion wild salmon marinated and grilled + 4 forkfuls of Chinese noodles+ 2 pink grapefruit + tea + 2 Breton pancakes

100 abs on the abs lounge

30 splits

60 standing up leg sweeps on the side

Evening with M and the PB in TW (sorry for the code :)

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