Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pasolini's The Gospel according to St Matthew and Speak

One of my favorite fact, my all time No1 favorite.

Very short night because of riveting reading, I just couldn't put my book down!

Difficult rising as my body reminds me of yesterday's Pilates Reformer session... I am aching all over!

Breakfast: rooibos tea + 5 satsumas + 1 soya yogurt + cruesli

I run, run, run

Business lunch: pumpkin and brown rice soup + 1 veggie steak + 1 slice of bread + 1 salad of little melon balls (very light, but it suits me as I've had a migraine all morning!) 

To sweat out the toxins, and hopefully rid myself of this intense headache, I scoot off to the gym.
60 min cardio training at 120 bpm : 30 min elliptical trainer + 30 min recumbent bike 
30 min weights training

10 min walk  in high heels (still.. not good)

Snack: smoked salmon+ blueberries + satsumas + a few dates

Speak, an indie film from 2004, I recommend. A gem. Kristen Stewart' s performance, at the age of 14, is amazing in this tortured role that she embodies with astounding realism. 

Diner: a handful cashew nuts + a cod steak with soyonaise + ptitim (an Israeli dish made with buckwheat/peas/pine nuts + 5 satsumas

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  1. Hello Val. I love this movie. I had never heard about it but got it for my rainy weekend and simply enjoyed watching something that does not ressemble anything we get in the movies those days. Thaks for sharing this