Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lavo in Las Vegas - The Oscars

1 liter water on an empty stomach

15 min Morning Wake up Call Yoga + Kundalini

100 cross abs
10 regular press ups 
10 Hindu
50 sideways leg sweeps (standing up)

3.5h walk

No Breakfast because of interviews and meetings full throttle (yes, even at the week-end) 

Lunch at Paris' buffet: clam chowder + shrimp/crab + vegetable plate+ 4 cookies + 3 coconut macaroons + fresh fruit

30 minutes walk

2 handfuls popcorn

30 minutes walk

Diner, at first we attempt the Lavo (the new Vegas trendy place) but really it is too noisy and we fall back on Morels: carrot/lentil soup + 4 slices bread+ 1 small portion local delicious cheese + 1 roasted tomato + 1 heart of artichoke + 3 tbs potato gratin

15 min walk

The next day....

15 min walk on an empty stomach

Green tea

Breakfast: 1 fresh smoothie, blackberries/banana/apple

15 min walk 
15 min walk

Lunch, at Paris' buffet: clam chowder to start with followed by a seafood platter (smoked salmon, anchovies, shrimps, etc...) + vegetables plate + a plate of little deserts (yum)

1h accumulated walking

snack: 5 squares chocolate

15 min walk

Diner: beetroot salad + mariniere mussels + chips

15 min walk

The Oscars come back from several years in the dark, all thanks to Hugh Jackman who demonstrated that, if push come to a shove, he is a well rounded artist: singer, entertainer, crooner, actor and... charmer! Everyone was under the spell, the ratings for the Oscars are up 10%... that says it all... as expected, Slumdog Millionaire picked up nearly everything and Kate (Winslet) gave us one of her memorable speeches.


  1. I wrote it on your FB page but girl I love this dress on you! and where did you find those crazy hot shoes?

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