Thursday, February 5, 2009

Your coach loves Pilates!

Message for MP: take care of yourself, darling :)

Breakfast: White tea + muesli + almond milk

The morning is full on (meeting after meeting interview after interview... but it's for the cause, that of the boot.campers, but hush, I shall say no more! it's a surprise) 

Lunch : 13 thin thin gluten free crackers + about 2 tbsp guacamole + 1 portion crust-less, egg-less quiche  (alright, alright, it isn't really a quiche but it is a "fake egg" recipe for allergic people like me, I've been asked to test - results: rather "rubbery" ... so-so but nutritious)

Gym: 20 min elliptical trainer

40 min private Pilates lesson

10 min exercise bike

What is Pilates? it is done on a machine like the one on the picture:

Here is a little history :
Born in 1880 in Germany, Joseph Pilates was a sickly child and was left with a weak chest. He overcame his fragility and became an accomplished athlete practicing ski, diving, yoga, boxing and gymnastics. Drawing from his experience, he devised exercise aids by attaching bed springs in various positions over a bed so that injured hospital patients could exercise safely. That was the original machine that has evolved into today's Reformer (also known as Cadillac). In 1923 he emigrates to New York and opens an exercise studio where professional dancers go to train or to recover from injuries. He invents exercises and designs machines with the aim to correct bad posture and develop harmonious bodies, they became better known as the Pilates method.

Snack: a small handful of roasted pistachios + 1 banana

Diner: 10 roasted pistachios + 1 bowl home soup ("classic": potato, leek + carrots) + 1 slice pumpernickel and ham + 3 slices fresh pineapple

2 min ballerina
2 min stand-up leg sweeps (during tooth-brushing :)

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