Sunday, February 8, 2009

Les Fatals Picards "Cure Toujours" - can't get enough of it!

For those who listened to The Cure (and Indochine, a French group often parodied like here) in the 80s... Just love it... sorry, it is in French... I'll put something in Italian another day, to please everyone! One should really listen to the lyrics;)

Breakfast: Rooibos tea + 1/2 papaya + 2 gluten free waffles without anything (total of 200 calories for those 2 mini waffles)

45 minutes walk in the grey weather that is finally reaching our side of the globe.

2 minutes ballerina movements

15 minutes walk on high heels (not so good)

Lunch: lentil soup + a Cesar salad + 1/4 Reuben sandwich (my favorite with sauerkraut and pastrami) + 5 french fries pinched on my right + green tea

20 minutes walk in high heels (or should I say hells?)

Snack: 5 fresh wall-nuts + 1 well ripened pear + Rooibos tea

Well, that's all well and good but I am still far from my 3 hours exercise a day target... dusk comes early, so it becomes obvious that the gym is my only option.

In the gym: 1 hour cardio training at 125 bpm

Diner: 1 portion steamed brown rice with oignons + 1 portion orange cauliflower with some soyanaise to make it onto a nice mash + 2 tbs cherry soya ice cream

2 minutes ballet moves

100 standing up leg sweeps on each side

100 abs on the killer abs lounge

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