Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Your coach in New York - we are making progress (sometimes we back up a little bit but overall going in the right direction :)

A day in a heatwave and intense humidity!

Upon rising, "Morning Wake Up Call" yoga routine which you can find on LeBootCamp in "My Gym", then 1 glass of water with my vitamins which I take when I travel + 1 glass of tea in my room :)

The day starts early with a meeting with my team on Skype, followed by an interview with Health Magazine (I'm a fan!). I am escorted by Danielle Hawkes, my charming publicist who is amazing and looks superb :).

I continue walking for 1.5 hrs in heels, not very good for my back but I forgot my flip flops..... I make a small stop at Starbucks for an iced-tea without sugar and a baby scone (fyi and because it is the law in NY it must be written on the label: this is about 140 calories :)

Lunch during a meeting: a gazpacho + 1/2 chicken/avocado sandwich + 1 baby brownie and green tea

I go on to other meetings and then meet again with Stacey Ashton, Vice President of sales at Readers Digest...she is in charge of all the marketing campagin for my book that will be released on December 14th! Exciting!

We spend valuable time together, brainstorming while drinking 1 liter of sparkling water + 1 slice of wholewheat bread with a little butter , some tapas and a rice pudding and with cherries. Yum!

A short walk before a good sleep!

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