Monday, August 23, 2010

NBC - 6 days to go - getting in shape!

I'm preparing for my Sunday show on W-NBC so aiming to have beautiful skin. Hence following my menus from LeBootCamp Anti-Aging and Beauty programs so that I get glowing celebrity skin for the big day :).
I'm also considerably increasing in exercise in order to be in even better shape (TV doesn't hide any flaws!)

Lemon juice to start my day + green tea from Rwanda + vitamin pack

30 min walk on an empty stomach + 100 abs on my ab lounge + 30 sec shaking dumbbell

Breakfast: 1 slice of toast (gluten-free and yeast-free to keep a flat belly) + a bit of soyannaise + wild smoked salmon + 1 Asian pear

1 hr biking during which I make plenty of phonecalls.

Lunch: see photo...a mixed plate: smoked salmon, white bean humus, raw onion crackers, sauteed mushrooms and a small mango/papaya compote followed by a juicy Asian pear

Green tea and I set out again...

100 glute contractions in the car

Snack: a few pieces of beef jerky (pemican) + 6 squares of dark chocolate sweetened with maltitol

Dinner: homemade tacos: taco + steamed mahi mahi + tomatoes + salad + salsa. 2 tacos for mom and 4 for my boy who is growing and is allowed to eat more than his mommy :). For dessert: 2 large handfuls of blueberries + 3 tbsp of mango/papaya salsa

Nap for 10 min

During the evening, in the hot night.....30 min night jogging with Dire Straits on my iPod + 100 abs on my ab lounge + 30 sec shaking dumbbell

Wow...what a day!

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