Sunday, August 22, 2010

My latest article on the Huffington Post: How to Handle Summer Weight Gain Traps

As you know, I am a permanent writer for the famous Huffington Post. My latest article is devoted to handling weight gain traps from this summer! Here is the link; share it on Twitter and FaceBook and of course, don't hesitate to comment! --> How to Handle Summer Weight Gain Traps

A very sunny day....

After my morning lemon juice, green tea from Rwanda, and vitamin pack, I have a raw breakfast containing homemade dried fruit (sundried pineapple, yum!) + Brazil nuts (I fill up on selenium :)

30 min accumulated walking: shopping, then escorting Babeth to the airport for her return to Kigali, Rwanda.

Lunch at the airport at my favorite Japanese restaurant: a little edamame + green tea + 1 dragon roll and 1 California roll

1.5 hrs biking to get my snack: the famous Red Mango fat-free frozen yogurt (just sweetened with Stevia - pure pleasure without the calories :) topped with fresh fruit. Brilliant concept!

Dinner: wild smoked salmon + mache salad + some raw onion crackers + hummus dip + sauteed mushrooms. For dessert: grape champagne (microscopic-sized grapes).

200 abs on my ab lounge
1 min of shaking dumbbells (just 1 min and it burns!!!)
20 reverse triceps 1 min of "jumping up and down" on a jumbo Swiss Ball
20 girl push ups

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