Friday, August 20, 2010

Rwanda is my home :)

I'm in an exotic zone with my friend Babeth who just arrived from Rwanda where she lives.
The image that we have of this beautiful country is totally biased by the media which have not updated their presentation of this country for over 16 years.....personally, I dream of visiting Rwanda :)

On the menu this week: plenty of cooking - Babeth is an amazingly skilled cook and has her own French blog: La Cuisine de Babeth and in English: La Vie in English
raw breakfasts so that she can discover my "sun food" as I like to call it :)
yoga, plenty of walking, a bit of jogging, and of course lots of 25th Hour exercises to keep me active :)

I also work on my interview for August 29th in NY on NBC...this is a BIG one!

Guess what's in this picture.....a tip: it comes from Rwanda :)

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