Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One week in NY - coaching full throttle! (Monday/Tuesday)

Back in the Big Apple!
Lots of humidity which my hair withstood with ease thanks to a Brazilian hair straightening!

A Jet-Lag Weight Loss Secret :) --> Only 2 meals per day when I am in NY, quite simply because at breakfast time I am not yet hungry due to jet-lag….and by the time I get hungry at night, I'm already asleep :). So at midday I eat the equivalent of breakfast in California and in the evening I have my lunch :)

Monday: spent on the airplane with approximately 1 hr of walking in the airport and good organic, gluten-free food...Virgin America definitely knows what they're doing :)

I finish the day with a dinner with my US publicists....they are doing a great job as usual.

On the menu: grilled cod with green veggies. I don't resist dessert and have a rhubarb/strawberry tart...yum!

Tuesday: interviews, coaching session, and 2 hrs of walking in the city in both heels and flip-flops, depending on time and place :). My day started off with yoga in my room, followed by 100 abs on the floor + 20 push-ups on the floor and 50 standing push-ups.

Plenty of green tea throughout the day!

A very healthy lunch with a man who is passionate about his products (of which I am a fan). We lunch at Pure Food and Wine (One Lucky Duck), a very trendy raw restaurant here in NY! On the menu: a raw "hamburger" and for dessert, a caramel bar and dark chocolate. Yum!

The afternoon passes with interviews + 1 coaching session

Dinner with the big boss at Readers Digest who shows me a copy of my upcoming book....it's all very exciting!!! They are brilliant at Readers Digest!

On the menu: tomato soup + grilled halibut with a little tiny bit of mashed potatoes and green veggies...finished off with a square of dark chocolate.

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