Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NBC - 5 days - early am hunger!!!

It must be the jetlag of Babeth returning to Rwanda...I wake up at 5am FAMISHED......it's impossible to fall back asleep! So I make myself a small taco: corn taco + steamed fish + tomate + lettuce

A short night, and then...

Lemon juice in room-temperature water + green tea from Rwanda + vitamin pack
Green Morning Boost (which you can find on LeBootCamp.com)

1 hr 15 mins walking in a splendid canyon with Nestle.

Breakfast: 1 homemade yogurt containing coconut milk + coconut flesh and raw chocolate....wow the result is amazing...I will have to share this recipe!!! with a handful of homemade raw cereal

Lunch: 1 small serving of steamed mahi mahi + 1 mahi mahi taco with mango/papaya salsa and lettuce + 3 squares of dark chocolate sweetened with maltitol.

10 min & NO MORE of walking in 40-degree heat....a heatwave has arrived......

Snack: my favorite Starbucks tea with lots of ice cubes + 1 banana

500 glute contractions

Dinner: gazpacho + wild smoked salmon + raw onion crackers + pink grapefruit.

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