Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trip to Los Angeles before the Emmy Awards

Just before leaving to New York for my NBC broadcast, I have to make a little trip to Los Angeles.
Upon rising: lemon juice in room-temperature water + roobois tea + vitamin pack

In the morning: 30 min walk with Nestle of course! + 100 abs on my ab lounge + 30 seconds shaking dumbbell

Lunch: a coconut milk yogurt with homemade raw cereal. Yum!

30 min walking in the airport

Lunch on-board: edamame + 8 sushis a l'anguille and some grapes.

It is pretty hot in LA. The problem? It's 104 degrees outside and 61 inside. A clothing inferno :) and a lot of sneezing!

I enjoy top-notch service from Lena at Carsoin Day Spa in West Hollywood - right in front of The Ivy, the celebs' restaurant, just for those who want to be seen! This is where the celebs come before the Oscars to get their skin glowing: a medical grade oxygen therapy with a ton of active ingredients infused back into the skin. After 2 hours, I am really impressed!

Another 30 min walk in heels...not good for the back but it makes me move well

At 4pm: "I am forced" to eat...I choose the option that is less "dangerous" for my waistline: fruits in syrup with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

I don't know if it's that, or the erratic driving of the taxi driver that takes me from my hotel to my next interview, but I am feeling sick like a dog!

Not very practical for my evening interview but great for dieting because I cannot eat a thing!

Dinner: 3 steamed shrimps and 2 lettuce leaves...I cannot eat anything else!

100 abs on the floor before going to bed + 20 floor push-ups and 50 wall push-ups

The following day, I wake up at 4am because I feel sooo nauseous! I try everything: hot bath, cold shower, lemon juice...nothing works. Instead of tossing in my bed I go to the 26th floor to admire the pool.
In the water: 6 laps swimming + 4 laps walking + 100 abs + 100 leg lifts

I am ready to face my VERY important meeting after some breakfast: Earl Grey tea with soy milk and Truvia to sweeten + wild smoked salmon with capers + fruit

30 min walking in the city and in the airport

Lunch when I arrive in San Francisco - an Indian meal: basmati rice + grilled veggies, tofu and lentil soup. For dessert, 2 mini "crunch" bars...yum, a little sweetness in this crazy world!

No snack (still nauseous)

In the evening: 100 abs on my ab lounge + 20 reverse triceps

Dinner on the go: polenta + anchovies (I'm addicted!) and fruit

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