Saturday, August 28, 2010

Headed to NY to present my weight loss approach!

And well, after 36 hours of very little rest, here I am again at 37,000 feet, headed to New York!

20 min walk on an empty stomach with Nestle before heading off to the airport.

No breakfast because I am still nauseous...weird that this nausea not going away. That stupid cab driver will NOT see me again!

15 min walking in the airport

I love Virgin America because we have wifi on-board and nice large TV screens :)

A typical LeBootCamp lunch: fresh veggies + dip, crackers, hummus, fresh fruit salad, half a serving of cranberry cake

200 glute contractions on-board......then total rest....I want to revise my text for tomorrow but not really feeling up to it, I'd rather rest a little :)

So I watch one chick flick after another, apply a moisturizing mask and sleep. Feels soooo good!

I arrive in NY evening time...head to bed early as I have to wake up at 4am tomorrow morning to do make-up really early...the good news is that for once I have a good makeup artist :).

At 6am Steve and I are in position in the NBC studios in NY. The dawn is barely breaking, it's a surreal feeling being totally out and about at that hour!

Once on the set the subject is changed slightly, and my notes from yesterday are useless! I have to improvise...

Pat Battle, the host, is a-do-ra-ble! and my TV segment is over before I know it. Pat had so much fun she invites me for next month and for when my book comes out :)

It is 8am. Steve and I are exhausted and take vengeance with a HUGE croissant. Though because it doesn't taste very good I apply my winning technique: don't eat it when it's not good; save the calories for when it is!

I've been up since 1am my time, and I go from one meeting to another, first with a TV producer and his casting director, then another one, and then it is already time to head to the airport.....I am early hence a nice massage at Xpress Spa :) favorite time when I travel!

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