Friday, February 25, 2011

Your Coach in Hollywood: Pre-Oscars

What a first day! A sleepless night, followed by a 7:00am departure.

A little walk in the airport but not as much as usual because I am burdened with my carry-ons + wearing high heels :) A very early breakfast on the plane: a slice of banana cake + 2 green teas

Upon arrival, I sink has my hotel, a little jewel that I've found in West Hollywood, where Penelope Cruz and Justin Bieber come when they are in town.

This hotel knows how to treat their guests well -- they allow me to use a wonderful suite all day long to get ready for my first TV segments until my very own room is ready.

A little rest, and some preparation for the afternoon which promises to be very busy. Then John, my gorgeous model friend turned make-up artist, arrives for my make-up appointment. My Blackberry does not cease to vibrate -- more than 40 emails in one afternoon….I am in my very focused bubble, and don't answer anything other that the subjects which are absolutely relevant. It's impossible to concentrate!

No time to be idle, the M6 team (Emma and Quentin) arrive with the dresses for the red carpet. Drama!!! I cannot fit into either of the 2 dresses...I would need to lose at least 1 inch around the waist to close the dresses. So either I starve myself until Sunday, which I'm not even sure will be enough, or I find another dress (which I will do :)

No time to waste, Mallika, the #1 Bollywood actress awaits us at the Four Seasons for an interview in an exclusive suite where the stars get their jewelry before the Oscars. As I go through the hotel I blow a kiss to Joan Collins and Nicolas Cage :).

The afternoon is very busy….we end off the day on the rooftop of my fave hotel, with a wonderful fireplace (it is chilly!) with Phillip Bloch, designer for Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Osbourne, etc., and a very dear friend of my own.

At 8:30, Emma and I head out (we walk, to burn some calories and de-stress) for a vegetarian dinner at my favorite place on Melrose. We try to avoid talking about work but of course we end up finishing off with discussing plans, interviews etc. With Kate von D who shares our vegan passion :)

To bed at midnight, after extinguishing a few last-minute urgent fires...

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