Monday, November 28, 2011

LeBootCamp makes its mark in Phoenix!

Here I am in the desert for 2 TV shows tomorrow morning.

We fly on an older airplane - in general I get a bit anxious flying, but especially on a 737 (since my accident with a 737-400), and then the pilot proudly announces that this is the very last flight for this plane! We have a very beautiful view of the desert, LOVE! Plus I have the entire row for myself, so I am really comfortable :)

Breakfast: 2 crumpets with 2 slices of turkey ham + 1 lemon juice and 1 sobacha

Between the airport and going shopping to prepare for my shows tomorrow morning, I've accumulated approximately 10,000 steps.

While walking through San Jose airport, I see a lollipop with this translation in French for the Canadian market - sharing the humor here ;)

200 glute contractions in the taxi as always :)

No lunch, as there is nothing available onboard, neither anything at my hotel which is VERY isolated, so that by 5pm I am dying of hunger and resort to the only thing the hotel has - cashew pralines. A caloric bomb but I've got no other solution!

Dinner in a Tex Mex restaurant in the hotel: homemade guacamole and shrimp ceviche + green tea….and I cave in to a Mexican dessert called "tres leches"…a description intended to lure you in…I'll be paying for this with exercise tomorrow :) but for now I enjoy it :)

I do 200 abs in my room and call it a beautiful day!

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