Monday, November 7, 2011

Your Coach in Tampa, FL for 2 TV shows

Ah Florida...with winter setting in I was hoping to go there! But there are no direct flights from San Francisco to Tampa, so travel takes 9 hours via Detroit...on Delta Airlines old-fashioned planes…ha but your coach is not complaining ;) - I love doing shows so here we go!

The weather is quite hot in Tampa, 80 degrees to be precise, but the locals have their own idea - someone says to me in all seriousness that "it's too cold to eat outside"!

I planned a quick 24 hour trip with a morning show on NBC Wednesday morning. This one is a huge success so much so that FOX calls publicist to see whether I can stay one more day to do another show with them! Since the trip is so long I prefer to make the most of my visit so I stay on.
I make some efforts to go shop for my second outfit, because in the USA you don't want to appear in the same dress twice in a row ;)

Being that Tampa is popular for retirees, dubbed the city for old people, I have an hard time finding what I need! Fortunately Zara and H&M exist in all 4 corners of the world…when in doubt, these are surefire solutions! I finally find a nice dress at just $35 dollars!

As far as food goes, with all the jet lag, I don't have breakfast as I'm not hungry yet, but I get in lunch and dinner…seems whenever I'm on the East coast I end up skipping breakfast….

Fitness-wise, I get plenty of walking through the stores and shopping centers to find the perfect outfit :).

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