Monday, April 25, 2011

With actress Michelle Rodriguez, celeb stylist Ivan Bitton, and more!

What a stay in LA, full of emotions, between Prince, and a great time spent with Michelle Rodriguez. It is very rare to see an A-lister whose fame hasn't gotten to her head, and Michelle is one of them: simple, adorable, personable, wearing her heart on her sleeve.

As you can see she loves my book :)

An active day, on the go, and filled with mystery and suspense as well, since we had no idea that at 5:00 a private screening was going to happen. We find ourselves in Soho House, a high-end members-only club.

Great meetings there, among them, my friend and celeb stylist Ivan Bitton; Pierre Dulat, a French actor who's made his mark in the USA; and Mallika Sherawat, styled by Ivan and Dalia.

A crazy evening in the VIP section at Trousdale (very private but also very amusing, we have to go through the kitchens to access it :), this is the hotspot for Los Angeles nightlife.

The music is great (DJ Michelle Rodriguez :), and I order some cheesecake lollipops and other little treats filled with sugar and fat :) Hey, if you work out and burn, you get to indulge!

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