Sunday, May 1, 2011

Presenting "Le Personal Coach" & LeBootCamp on Bay Area Vista

For once I don't have to go to the other end of the USA to share my weight loss secrets on a TV show! This time I go just 20 minutes away from my house - almost felt like going to visit a friend :)

So here I am in the KCSM TV studio! A great show with Emmy nominated producer Janice Edwards, Host of "Bay Area Vista": I present my latest book "Le Personal Coach" and some super simple weight loss tips.

To be in top shape for the show, I ensure that my morning is active and light on the stomach: freshly squeezed lemon in room-temperature water, green tea, my famous sobacha and then a 30-min walk with my faithful Nestle.

Raw breakfast: raw homemade granola + 1 small punnet of raspberries and homemade almond milk.

Walking for 1 hr while on the telephone, why sit on my butt when I have to talk for 1 hour....gotta keep moving!

A light lunch so as not to feel lethargic on set: homemade lentil soup with 3 tbsp brown rice (the combination gives me a good balance of amino acids, hence no problem on the protein front :) + the rest of the raspberries leftover from the morning

A small green tea and then I zip out to the studio

As usual I meet some interesting people who are on before and after me: an author of raw detox recipes (we will definitely keep in touch!), 2 rappers, and a marathon runner - great social dynamics!

You can watch the full show here:

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