Monday, September 19, 2011

A beautiful photo shoot to get back in shape!

I love looking up to see a blue sky…rather rare here these days! We often have endless fog :), but hey, good weather at home does not guarantee good weather in San Francisco, which benefits (or suffers) from a micro-climate which changes all the time! It can be 35 degrees in my area, and all of 15 degrees and gray in San Francisco, which is just 20 mins away!

All of this makes a difference when it's photo-shoot day with Weber, a super photographer!

I have my lemon juice + sobacha followed by a 30-min walk with my dog

Breakfast: 10 sprouted almonds + 1 buckwheat pancake with a little melted soy cheese + 1 yellow peach (yum!)

I head in the direction of Golden Gate Park for my photo shoot with Weber, who took my first photographs for Closer magazine years ago!

At home: great weather, blue sky and heat….but San Francisco has grey skies, fog and wind. Freezing cold! Not to mention I am wearing light sports gear…think skiing in a bathing suit!

After 2 hours in the cold we break for a quick and atypical lunch for your coach ;) - a hotdog without the bread...

And then as we near the end of the session, a ray of sun miraculously appears for a shot with my water bottle...I'll let the photo speak for itself :)

Off I go to prepare for a trip to Los Angeles for some big events which you'll hear about soon!

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