Sunday, September 18, 2011

A long vacation from my blog

Hello from San Francisco!

I've received many emails from bootcampers asking me where my regular blog posts have gone - indeed we are going strong since 2006!! - replete with photographs, tips, funny anecdotes, recipes, media features and just some good chit-chat with my loyal followers….well, this summer I took 2.5 months off from blogging...but I am back and better than ever!

To be sure, when your coach breaks routine - like regular blogging - it's got to be for a worthwhile ideal! And just as well, because once in a while it's healthy to escape and rejuvenate so that when we're at routine, we're performing at our best! It's just like the plateau we reach when we're losing that point we need to make a change in our habits to surprise our mind and body :) so that we can leap to the next level of achievement!

So what have I been up to since my last post? Firstly, if you follow me on Facebook, you know it all (almost) but true, without all the details you get via my blogging :). I traveled to my home village of Corsica, spending time with friends and family under sunny blue skies, with plenty of fresh, healthy food, and space to clear out the mind! On my return to California, I spent some time coaching my celeb clients in LA - trust me, we burned every last summer calorie together! And lastly, a few days in faraway Alaska without any internet connection or telephone - the ultimate getaway to recharge and refresh!

Back to reality found me jet-setting to Saint Louis and Seattle for some super TV features! Oh, and not to mention working on 2 new books and the launch of a brand new LeBootCamp creation of new recipes, just for you! Well hey, now you know it all - or almost ;). I am back in full strength...more to come!

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