Friday, November 13, 2009

Still in LA, more interviews and I meet a lighter bootcamper

<-- With Super Kate from my publicist's LA office... she is amazing and takes care of me as if I were a queen :)

20 minutes yoga

Breakfast during an interview with the LA TIMES: the with soya milk + fruit salad and smoked salmon with capers 
A few cows decorate the pavement outside the farm style restaurant, they are my favorite animal, so I have to have a picture :)

Now, I am on my Southern Californian schedule therefore, no breaks, I go from interview to interview and my publicist doesn't think that her favorite coach needs lunch like babies or even the occasional nap... so lunch at 3h30 pm!!!

Lunch: eel sushis, miso soup, edamame and green tea

1 hour walk all together

no snack

I meet up with a bootcamper who has already lost 22 pounds and

is looking great! Well done Stephanie... we finish the day together strolling around West Hollywood and we have dinner together in the it place of the moment: guacamole with taco chips and grilled tuna (small portion :)

Oh, I nearly forgot... my dear bootcamper brought me chocolates, so: 2 chocolates :) and of course I will indulge more a little later but that is another story!

I take advantage of being here to spend the week-end under the sun of LA... there isn't any harm in taking care of yourself :) on the program, Santa Monica and Venice Beach to catch some good sea air and soak up the local athmosphere.

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