Wednesday, November 25, 2009

En avant for the Thanksgiving long week-end!

Upon rising: my usual lemon juice in room temperature water + rooibos tea

15 minutes yoga to loosen up the beast... followed by the shoot of a few sport videos, so quite a few buttock exercises :)

Breakfast: 1 whole papaya + 5 Brazil nuts nothing more because I know lunch shall be substantial :)

30 minutes cycling 

Chinese lunch with a lot of Chinese people... in fact, I am the only non Chinese, I don't necessarily understand what is being said and I am not even sure what is in my late either...

30 minutes accumulated walk in killer heels

Snack at Starbucks': a Tchai tea with splenda and soya milk + 1 biscotti (my addiction)

We finish packing and now we are OFF for 4 days well deserved rest in the mountain.

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