Tuesday, November 10, 2009


A beautiful day begins under a glorious blue sky and a drop of stress... ha, one must be able to manage the downs of those around us :) c'est la vie as Grace Jones says!
Up at 4h43 very precisely, still jetlagged,... I squeeze a lemon juice immediately and around 6 am, I can't wait any longer, I am ravenous so, 2 slices gluten free bread with fig mustard and Tapenade... Rooibos tea... 

25 minutes walk on the telephone (I am interviewed by Madame Figaro)

Then after a technical meeting, I enjoy a delicious pear and 6 squares Galak... that's the last of it!

10 minutes walk on the phone again

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach before lunch

Lunch: 1 huge bowl of soup + 1.5 slices toasted gluten free bread with my yummyummy spread made of fig mustard with tapenade + 4 dates

refreshing nap (not to long, 10 minutes tops :)

30 minutes walk

Snack: 2 cookies + 1 biscotti + 1 chai

Dinner: 8 sushis + miso soup + green tea

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