Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Smasher", exercise and some food changes...

Up after a short night caused by a riveting book: "Smasher" by keith Raffel.

100 abs on the killer abs lounge

fresh lemon juice + water at room temperature + rooibos tea + a bowl gluten free cereal and hemp milk + a small chopped apple... lovely crunchy mix, yum...

An interview for a French magazine and moving onto some coaching and then another meeting :)

On an empty stomach, well, at midday: 1km swim + 50 "folding chair" abs in the water

Lunch: a small mixed salad + 2 veg steaks and 2 thin slices mountain ham + 1 orange + 1 handful inca berries and now I am sated :)

20 minutes accumulated walk on the telephone

Snack: a handful Inca berries 

Dinner: 2 huge helpings pumpkin soup with 1 tbsp soyonnaise (its nicer than cream I think:) + 1 grilled sausage with steamed broccoli and watercress salad. An orange for desert.

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