Monday, November 16, 2009

Finally 10 days without any traveling, hurray!

I spent a wonderful week-end in Santa Monica before heading home... sweet home

I begin the day full throttle... but from tomorrow I shall slow down a little...

Breakfast: 1 lemon juice + 1 green tea + 1 donuts (yes, I was coerced, I resisted I promise!!!) 

30 minutes walk on the telephone
500 butt squeezes in the shuttle taking me back from "over there"

Lunch: wholesome salad (with plenty of different veg) + 1 slice watermelon + 1 banana + 6 Medina dates brought to me from by a bootcamper

Snack: 1 orange

30 minutes walk

Dinner: 1 slice grilled beef + baby leaf salad + 1 grapefruit

And now I look forward to 10 whole days at home... how I am going to enjoy those :)

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