Thursday, November 12, 2009

LA here I am!

Breakfast: 2 slices toasted gluten free bread with a little bit of chestnut spread (yum

On my flight to LA with internet on board (I love it, it keeps me busy and I hardly notice the weather conditions): green tea and tomato juice with their coffee cake, warm and delicious (absolutely irresistible) 

30 minutes walk  

I dash off to see my super hairdresser Sharon who makes me so beautiful... he has magical hands... you arrive a pumpkin and depart a Bugatti Varion as my son would put it :) 
I page though a 944 magazine and who do I see, your devoted coach :)

Lunch: alone in a japanese restaurant, I am mentally preparing for my coming interview, I have an eel dragon roll + edamame and a lot of green tea.

Interview for LA-STORY. I thought I was going for a classic press/web interview but I end up doing a video interview... it goes really well after all... and the journalist was so adorable that I leave full of energy!

After the meeting I catch up with super Regis, in the middle of a video shoot with Lord Kossity. Jorge Olivera, Ultimate Fightling champion. Real musclors, who are real teddy bears when they're not looking angry :)

Dinner in my bedroom (in bed actually) to unwind and simply REST: mixed salad with grilled tuna and two pieces of bread with a little butter + fruit salad

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