Monday, November 23, 2009

A classic coach well being day :)

Juice of a lemon in room temperature water upon rising + green tea

50 minutes walk during interviews on the telephone, that's gets me a step ahead :)

Breakfast: 1/2 papaya + 10 brazil nuts + 1 banana

100 abs on the killer ab lounge 
500 wall press ups
50 hindu prayers
30 lunges

Lunch during a meeting and there is no other choice than a portion sweet potato fries... I limit the damage and avoid the hamburger and the coke that came with. I will just rebalance things later

Snack: 5 Brazil nuts + 2 tiny apples

20 minutes walk on the telephone

Dinner: 2 helpings pumpkin soup (home made) with a tablespoon soyonnaise in each... a good substitute for fresh cream + sauteed brussel sprouts and little carrots + mixed salad and 3 dates 

Today was a fruit and veg day to make up for last night's dinner.

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