Monday, November 9, 2009

Re-energizing + we are in one of France's biggest talk shows

After a good night sleep that ends at 4am because of the jet lag, I get myself back on track with a fresh lemon juice + room temperature water +Rooibos tea + 2 slices toasted wholegrain bread with fig mustard and tapenade (I know, I know, this is a rather unusual breakfast but, you know me, there aren't really any rules) and mid morning, a pear. 

30 minutes fitness trail (that blows the cobwebs!) 

30 minutes walk on the telephone in the sun... it is 20 degrees, what a joy!... and the sky is blue and yes, the birds are singing too. 

Lunch in the sun, on the patio: mixed salad (at least 10 different vegetables) + home made raw crackers + 1 orange + 5 fresh dates 

1 km swim + 30 abs in the water 
30 minutes walk on the telephone

Snack: Rooibos tea with honey + a slice of toasted gluten free bread with a touch of non-hydrogenated margarine and a little vanilla chestnut spread (in a word: yummyummyummy) 

100 Brazilian moves

Dinner: green asparagus with soyonnaise, 1 slice toasted gluten free bread with a big dollop balsamic vinegar soyonnaise, a bowl of soup and 5 squares Galak (the French white chocolate of my childhood:)))

100 Brazilian moves + 20 minutes abs passive muscle toning

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