Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Private Coach gets a New Look!

That is it, I have announced it a while ago... MyPrivateCoach has changed it's look to start the winter full of energy!

---> - don't hesitate to give me your opinion on our new winter look

Another good night finishes at 5 am... I can't shake off the jet lag it seems!

Green tea with Stevia to alkanise my body first thing in the morning.

No early morning walk... after a day of fasting because of a tummy bug (well, probably more likely to be an indigestion, and that, is really an engorged gall bladder :)... This morning I am testing the new Nestle Fitness cereal  that won't be out until early 2010... I love the idea of tasting something that is still secret :) topped with fresh raspberries, hazelnut milk and a bit of stevia 

I dash for town for a lunch at the top :) on the menu, no starter but some gorgeous bread "a l'ancienne", a cod steak with chanterelle mushrooms (ok and cream too) and for pudding a thin black fig tart with  ball of a cherry sorbet 

I follow with an interview with a journalist who is testing Weight Watchers and their point system... when I find out how many points the little cakes with tea cost almost faint... this is all too stressful for me all this counting... It works for some, as this approach is healthy and balanced, why not?

No snack nor much walking because the day is really packed.

I carry on with my marathon day at a pace of 2km/h because of an accident, it takes me 3 hours to cover 20 km... I have had to draw on all my Zen skills not to loose it!

300 glute squeezes in the traffic jam, that's better than nothing

Dinner: a herring fillet (I blotted the oil off on tissue paper) + 1 home made soup + 2 clementines and a few grapes

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