Saturday, October 31, 2009

MIcromania trade show, David Ghetta, My Body Coach for Wii

Up at 8h15 after sleeping like a baby, that's nice for a change, it is true happiness to feel on such great form, I feel like a new coach!

It's just as well, today I am going to the Micromania (video games) trade show for the promotion of the Wii My Body Coach game.

Fresh lemon juice + room temperature water + green tea and Stevia to alkanise my body + an all fruit breakfast: 5 fresh almonds + 1 banana + a few strawberries

And I'm off to take an exercise class, a new technique I am testing and I walk there of course to get warmed up!
20 minutes fast walk and 1 hour joints' gym... I was rather doubtful at first, I leave pumped up and with "happy" joints... a really nice completely unusual class. 

Lunch: raw bread and hummus + 2 teff flour crackers and hummus (I like it :) + a little bit of rabbit in tomato sauce and 4 mandarines + 3 small chocolates for desert.

20 minutes accumulated walk

No snack, I am at the Micromania Game Show promoting the video game. Some Boot.Campers saw the announcement on my FaceBook fan page and on the LeBootCamp Weightloss forum and joined me on the stand where BigBen, the manufacturer of the game, are exhibiting... then I take to the stage on the "grand podium" to address about a hundred frenzied young gamers :)

Finally, a nice chat with David Guetta who is spinning in LA for new years eve...

Dinner at La Boule Rouge: plenty of little mezze style plates with mostly healthy choices with a lot of vegetables (in fact, now that I think about it, there are only veggies, I let myself go with the quantities) followed by half a gilthead bream, I can't finish, I won't force myself...  cleanse my palet with 1/4 fresh pineapple

1 hour walk for digestion but that isn't enough... I am not used to eat much in the evening... If I overindulge it's usually at lunch time... so at 4am I pay the price for my excesses and wake up not to go back to sleep... that will teach me :)

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