Friday, October 16, 2009

En route for NEW YORK

first for a lover's week-end with hubby followed by a three day road show with my American publicist. She has been extremely active! On the agenda: interviews with 12 of the most biggest American magazines, of course they will all be very familiar to you. To make sure we "knock'em dead" we rehearse on Sunday evening... I feel like a thespian...

I am packing... for a change, instead of piling everything in "just in case" like I usually do, I prepare whole outfits (thank you, Selina) and only take with me outfits that are complete, accessories and all... so no need to pack the canary yellow cardi "just in case"

I have received my copy of "Secrets de Coach" my new book, and I am impressed with what the publisher did. It is really an outstanding piece of work... I hope that it will be well received by the press and more importantly by the coot.campers in spirit.

Night flight... the "red eye" flight... but I am looking forward to the week-end, theater, walks, art and a dinner planned with Super Gary and Sandie the Nu Skin founder.

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