Monday, October 12, 2009

Week-end at Pirate Cove

I spend the week end at Gary Scott's, my super Everest guide, along with Sandie, the founder of Nu Skin, now listed on the NY stock exchange and worth 1 billion dollars. Not bad for a mother of 2 who started up in her kitchen at the age of 28!

Pirate Cove, is one of their "homes", an indescribable extravagant fantasy of a residence... a kind of private Pirates of the Caribbean mansion meets Hollywood, meets Peter Pan, meets Errol Flynn... over 20 "bedrooms" each with its own 150 square meter
kitchen ... slides, pirate ships, skeletons... a child's dream come real... you can find videos of Pirate Cove on YouTube... but as I like to say, you need to see it to believe it! More images here

30 friends met there, a really happy week end!

On the program: mountain biking, swimming, resting and many many great times...

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