Monday, October 26, 2009

Shooting the My Body Coach advert, more filming and interviews...

A Sunday's rest... nothing much other than 45 minutes walk on an empty stomach before lunch and 40 minutes abdominal passive muscle toning :)

Le Petit Nicolas movie, just great!!

A VERY active Monday: we shoot the My Body Coach avert for Wii 

Technicians all around me... tension on the set.... 3 hours just to say a sentence of fewer than 10 words.

Breakfast: 4 slices apricot Essene (ie. raw) bread and abundant green tea. 

Lunch: mixed salad, hummus, babaganush, asparagus, spinach salad, clementines and a few Quernons

This afternoon it's a 2 hour shoot for a new program.

No snack, time flies

6 pm: interview with the (you can read the article in French here)

Diner: a bowl of home made soup, 6 sushis (I removed some rice as they were really thick) and a few grapes 

40 minutes abdominal passive muscle toning.

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