Saturday, October 3, 2009



Tea + lemon juice upon rising + a Morning Green Boost (cucumber, carrot, apple) to fight my cold :)
This week-end I will mainly be kicking back and waging a battle against the germs that are attacking my somewhat tired mind and body from the last few weeks... I will win that is for sure.
So, tea with raw honey (non-heated) and plenty of rest... I stay in... except for lunch and for a dinner party at some Iranian friends'.

Lunch: a few corn chips with guacamole + 1 tomato/chicken/tortilla soup

No snack

Iranian dinner: tabouleh, prawn salad, slip pea/beef stew, rice, 1/2 panacotta and Iranian nougat for pudding :)

A good night sleep.


I am feeling better... my efforts are paying off!
I pursue with carrot/apple juice for breakfast followed by a lemon juice and some tea.

No sport all day, I let my body recuperate :)
Home lunch: caramelised onions/wild and brown rice + carnitas and I try out a new Peruvian potato... it actually looks like a turnip tastes moldy... yuck, I won't have that again (at least, I tried it)

20 minutes walk and that's it

Snack: a few pistachios + succulent prunes and a rooibos tea

Dinner: old fashioned tomato's salad with raw onion crackers, some fruit salad and off to bed!

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