Thursday, October 1, 2009

The return of nice weather

I can't believe that, only a few days ago, it was freezing cold and we couldn't see further than 30 yards on the beach!

The sky is blue and with 28 degrees C (83F) we can't complain :)

Rooibos tea upon rising, lemon juice + water at room temperature + 1 pupusa for breakfast

On an empty stomach before lunch: 1 jour cycling + 20 minutes walk

Lunch with some girlfriends: green salad + a turkey burger, a few fries and some raw onion crackers with very spicy salsa and Anissa's home made compote for desert.

30 minutes walk

10 minutes walk

45 minutes walk

15 minutes boxing on my punching bag to the sounds of Daft Punk

Snack: 1 home made tchai tea made with soya milk and splenda

Dinner: peas and caramelised onions + 1 slice queso palmito melted on top + 4 slices pineapple + 1 tamarind sorbet

I have received my invite for next week's big soiree... dress code...hmm... black, chic and rock and roll... I think I'll need my super stylist for that one :) but shh... I won't say any more for now :)

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