Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back to everyday life + we are in True Love magazine!!!

After 10 intense days without a single break, from dawn to late at night, I enjoy my first day of "normality".

I am lucky to have a whole week of "normal" days now, just before another trip to LA (but more next week, as it will be interesting) followed by Vegas where it promises to be full on as well... then back to San Francisco for 5 days before going East: NY, London, Paris, Munich :)

Upon awaking, freshly squeezed with room temperature water + rooibos + my own custom made vitamin mix :)

20 minutes jogging... I don't recommend running on an empty stomach but I really felt like I needed it... maybe to scrub up after spending the 10 day shoot moving so little. I finish off the work out with 30 lunges to work the glutes + 40 minutes passive muscle toning for the core abs + 20 floor push ups.

Breakfast: 20 teriaky almonds + 1 perfectly ripe mango

Girls lunch: a Salvador pupusa + 1 rustic tomato + raw onion bread + home made bread + a slicette raw strawberry cake that is proving rather successful

30 minutes walk with friends... it really feels good relax a little after the last 10 intense days :)

no snack, I forgot!

45 minutes walk with my son and Nestle for some quality time between school and homework

Dinner: porcini mushrooms pan fried with garlic and parsley + carnitas and baby leaf salad. tamarind sorbet for desert.

100 butt squeezes whilst answering my mails
50 standing up push ups

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