Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Normal" day :) (yes, yes, they do exist!!)

Green and white tea upon rising

A few conference calls and emails

Breakfast: 1/2 papaya with lemon + 1 bowl whole wheat and puffed rice cereals and vanilla soya milk.

45 minutes walk
100 abs on the abs lounge
30 lunges

30 minutes walk

Lunch with the girls: tapenade + raw crackers + artichoke dip + 1 pear + 3 dates

Snack: I succumb... I am at Ikea where Daim is always at the till and also some wicked delicious little cookies :) ...so, I own up to everything: 2 daims + 7 oat cookies...

Dinner: 1/2 papaya + 1 banana (I am not so hungry after my snack time binge!)

30 minutes jogging
30 minutes yoga
20 minutes passive muscle toning

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