Thursday, September 10, 2009

Interviews, M6 (TV Channel) filming and Temi Ojo's latest film private screening

What a week... I haven't touched the ground and have sacrificed some of my daily blog writing:)

But let's say that beyond coaching I have a very busy timetable... I've had difficulty fitting in the hours of cardio training, here come 25th hour and MetaBoosts, my trump cards!!!

On the nutrition side, balanced courses spread out over 5 meals throughout the day to fire up my metabolism.

The night are short and naps to catch up... a secret of youth (one of them :)

I went from one interview to another one of the most important ones for the UK... and then off to a private screening of Temi Ojo's latest film "Renouncing Angelica" with JP Vertus in the lead role.

But, I am not quite done yet as I follow with a shoot for 100% Mag, the M6 program, in San Francisco on the topic of "the size zero country" with Olga, the Russian ex-top model who stopped starving a year ago and who has, of course, put on weight... now, she wants to go back to her size zero and is trying to avoid the extreme yoyo dieting her friends are in the habit of doing.

To show them that one can eat tasty dishes without putting on any weight with raw eating like Demi Moore before Charlie's Angels or like Sting... Alicia Silverstone even. Viva cafe Gratitude!

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