Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The France3 shoot goes to LA: David Mbenga, Lil Bow wow etc...

A Monday like I love... really active!

Up after a really good night... how that feels good!

On an empty stomach: 1 Rooibos cinnamon tea + a small smoothie

30 minutes walk on the telephone accompanied by Nestle (the dog).

Breakfast: 3 small gluten and dairy free pancakes with blueberry jam.

20 granny squats

Lunch: a few raw crackers with home made guacamole + eggless egg salad (replaced by tofu for those who have an egg allergy like moi :) 1/2 papaya for desert.

1 little nap

We shoot a sequence in front of the computer when I am watching a program about me... it feels strange I have to admit :)

so, I have 15 minutes to pack and we run to the airport!

A pleasant flight without any bumps and sitting next to a charming man you might recognise from pictures of various rap parties. He is responsible for the post production of nearly all the major rap bands as well as Beyonce, Alicia Keys and more. A colorful (very tatooed) character :)

Diner at Culver city, at Saint Amour, a French brasserie right next to the Sony studios. I take the opportunity to introduce one of the owners, a cameraman you have seen before on my photos, to the France 3 crew.
On this diner's menu: black pudding to fill up on iron with stewed apples and potato gratin. A few bites of a delicious tarte tatin.

After a sleepless night, yes it happens... no breakfast, because I get moving too slowly, but lots of green tea... Filming at the foot of the giant white HOLLYWOOD sign and then we are off for the walk of fame in Hollywood and then straight to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, Pretty Woman souvenir :)
Mexican Lunch: grilled shrimps, cabbage/mango/tomato salad along with guacamole with corn chips.

Now we head for my publicist's west coast quarters where I work for two solid hours along with Robyn and Kate who are looking after my account for the american market. some good takes for the producer who looks pleased with the day :)

When back, 2 cookies, 1 chocolate dipped strawberry, courtesy of the hotel's manager, I cannot refuse :)

1 hour walk 2 minutes pelvic floor excercises

No dinner because I am feeling queasy after the cookies (too rich, for sure!)... so I retire early with the latest Dan brown, a small packet salted crisps (the only thing my stomach fancies, 220 calories for those who want to know) and off to bed!

A great night! that feels so good, I am recovering!!!

I fill up on antioxidants with Rooibos tea and prepare a day that will take us a bit everywhere...

It turns out to be quite a crazy day... we kick off with a visit to Sharon's, hairdresser to the stars who gives me a great hair color and a pro haircut... no questions asked, when we feel beautiful, we are beautiful, radiate happiness
... in the end we don't need much, do we?

Then an interview, followed by a meeting with
Regis founder of AG ROCK, very successful clothes brand... former Christian Audigier
partner, this Regis has an infallible flair! He introduces me to Lil Bow Wow, the great rapper, top of the bill everywhere, CD and film and also to David Mbenga, Lakers basket ball player. I try on his jacket for a bit of fun... you can check out the picture to get an idea :)... and his pants too (picture on my FaceBook fan page)

We zoom off to Venice for an interview with the great Martha Mc Cully, famous journalist, lifestyle expert and reality TV show judge. She is very understanding and forgives our lateness with a beautiful smile!

After this last interview, we take a break for our first meal of the day, it is 6pm! a very thin pizza for me and some mint tea before dashing for the aiport... and there, fate is on my side, I am sat next to the the West Coast Bureau Chief of a magazine I love and with which I would love to work!

I return completely worn out... but can't rest yet, the shoot goes on until Tuesday :)

To answer Anonym's question about how I make almond milk:
- put a handful fresh almonds in water overnight (make sure they are covered)
- in the morning, rince, strain, put into a blender with 2 to 3 times their volume of water
- vroum vroum
- filter the white liquid through a fine mesh or a muslin
- the result is almond milk. You can add a little bit of Stevia and some vanilla... and fora smoothie, a banana and a few berries maybe

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