Saturday, September 12, 2009

Party and celebrations with friends, loving it!

This week-end it is all about decoration (I am inspired by my house which I have been neglecting a bit) and about celebrating as a very close friend is celebrating her birthday :)
We throw a party for the last evening of that year coming to and end and the first evening... it is the opportunity to to forget about the everyday life, with friends around a good meal!

After a short night because of late night celebrations, green tea, plenty of water with freshly pressed lemon juice to alkalize my body and give me a good complexion. Then, I tackle the day with an alkaline smoothie the recipe of which I will soon share with you in my program

1h30 easy walk as I am shopping "en famille" to decorate the house and to catch up on several errands I haven't had the time to do during the last few weeks of my criss-crossing Nevada and California.

At 10 am, a Lavender Earl Grey tea stop at Peets Coffee and teas... I fear Starbucks aren't going to see much of me anymore, Peets Coffee and Teas has very rare and delicious teas.

Lunch: a gorgeous turnip soup + 3 shiitake mushrooms spring rolls (the non-fried ones) to fill up on selenium (good for the brain)

After a lovely nap... and I am back onto the decorating, a nice way to take one's mind off things, an activity that improves the "flow" ... that is to say that it it help to clear one's mind.
Snack: 2 handfuls fresh nuts + 1 alkaline lemonade

15 minutes choreography (intense dancing) for my next project
70 minutes passive muscle toning (abs + butt&thighs)

Dinner with friends for more celebrating... it just feels great and of course, I don't watch what I eat or drink... but the constant laughter is just so good for the cardiovascular system!
20 minutes dancing

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