Friday, September 18, 2009

France 3 shoot days 1-5

That's it! the France 3 crew of 4 has arrived!

I haven't really got the time to take note of everything but we are going at breakneck pace... they are following me everywhere :)

First day, filming during the German video shoots for the program soon to be launched. The face of the program, Magdalena, is a gorgeous German girl who oozes well being and lives the LeBootCamp lifestyle 100%. Come and check out the program... I will let you know of its release very soon. The shoot takes place on Crissy Field at the foot of the Golden Gate where we
are lucky to have glorious weather: sun, blue sky and more importantly, what is even rarer here, absolutely no wind at all... really welcome for some efficient filming :)

Off to South San Francisco to do a piece with Aline with whom I am working on a project for 2010.
Dinner in an Indian restaurant... the fantastic team discovers American size portions :)

Day 3:
Breakfast: home made raw smoothie with homemade almond milk

Pierre a friend from my student years and his better half join us...
On the program, morning stroll in Marsh park where a typically American community initiative is taking place: equipped with neon orange bags, we pick up everything that shouldn't be in a protected park: scraps of paper, cans, abandoned bottles and other packaging... in the end, thanks to this meaningful activity, we get a lot more exercise than if we had only "gone for a walk". 45 minutes active walk.

Lunch: 1 pork chop + green salad and tomatoes. Milk tapioca for pudding.

In the afternoon, we get back to filming, in the Stanford shopping center after witch we head off for San Francisco for an evening with friends at Bissap Baobab with Maimouna Coulibaly, the African Urban Dance priestess. We enjoy a typically Senegalese meal with my closest friends and then we are treated to a wild dance demonstration with some amazing hip grinding!

If we think that the day is finished already that is wrong, at 3am I am live on Radio France Corse for an hours interview for the "decalage horaire" (time difference/jetlag) program... so here we are, genuinely time different!

Up very early, I can never sleep very long after such a late night, can't help it... Breakfast: plenty of Rooibos tea + home made almond milk smoothie

1 hour hiking in a canyon followed by the camera to which I demonstrate some exercises I created in the Californian "outback"

Lunch in one of my favorite little Mexican places: Guacamole + crisps + 5 mouthfuls of a chorizo quesadilla and fish cerviche
A great nap to recover :)

Very light detox style dinner to pep me up for the days ahead: 2 glasses fresh fruit and almond milk smoothie

40 minutes passive muscle toning

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