Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet with Maimouna in San Francisco

The renowned urban African dancer is here is San Francisco on tour performing for 2 weeks.
Awesome energy! I can't wait to see her on stage... she also coaches Elli Medeiros, here is where Elli's wild rhythm comes from!

On an empty stomach: 1 lemon juice + room temperature water + 10 minutes yoga.. I love when I get up earlier than needed and have 10 minutes to gently wake up my whole body.

40 minutes passive abs toning
30 minutes passive glutes toning

Breakfast: a little smoothie + a slice German bread with blueberry jam

30 minutes walk

Raw lunch at Cafe Gratitude with Maimouna: a raw (veg) burger/baby leaf salad + fresh grape juice (very different from ready made juices in cartons, I can assure you) + raw white chocolate cheese cake.

15 minutes walk
Snack: with Magdalena the face of our German program: alkalizing water and 2 mouthfuls of brownie

15 minutes walk

20 Hindu prayers

Dinner: 1 grilled wild salmon steak + 1 pear.

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