Monday, September 14, 2009

They are days, marvelous, like this one!

Carpe Diem will be my motto for the day... too much good news coming in... I am on top of the world...

I visit a coaching website I have just been sent, a brand new one, hot out of the oven, I've been following for years with its owner struggling to launch and relaunch different versions of his website... his latest find? I will not be giving you the URL to his site, we won't be promoting this guy... well, the market should spot the scam :) (Well I hope so for the Internet surfers). A very poor plagiarism... anyway, as journalists say, "if you are copied, you must be doing something right" :)

I start off with superb news, thank you Carole... what efficiency!

An interview with ELLE about my next book, I am very proud of it, the result is beautiful! I receive a copy in the afternoon... well just the cover the pages are still blank... but it is exiting nevertheless :)

Another interview followed by a very interesting discussion with M6.... we are going to do something nice together in Las Vegas and LA.

1h10 walk on an empty stomach on the telephone... as we are a bit low on groceries at home breakfast is a bowl of wholegrain cereal with tea and 1/2 apple

Chinese lunch: a nice plate of grilled fish and duck with sweet peppers, rice (white, yes I know) and edamame and to finish 4 little chocolate biscuits... quite a rich meal but will all be burned tonight :)

15 minutes walk

1 hour walk on the telephone

Snack: 1 banana + 1 pear

40 minutes passive muscle toning

Dinner at the Japanese grill: kimchee (fermented cabbage very good for digestion) + cooked spinach salad (no dressing) + grilled mahi-mahi fillet + a small green tea ice cream + green tea

30 minutes passive muscle toning

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