Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to reality :) and the Wii My Body coach "for real"

A great first day back to "hell" as I like to call it tongue in cheek enjoying every minute of it naturally :)

Up after a 4 hour night... too much positive stress to manage... white tea and 40 minutes walk on an empty stomach and off we go!

Breakfast: 1 apple + a small bowl gluten free cereals with chocolate soya milk (I can take it or leave it but I have 24 little bottles in the larder, I don't want to waste them)

500 butt squeezes in the car during my many journeys today
5 minutes pelvic floor exercises

Lunch in a meeting... well not so much a lunch as light snacking: 4 little water crackers (fat free) + 4 small pieces of cheese, 1/2 cucumber sliced and 4 mouthfuls brownies, all washed down with alkalinizing water.

1h10 walk pulling my tummy in off course!

Snack: 1 biscotti and my own version of tchai tea at Starbucks, a teabag, hot water, a little soya milk, some splenda, enjoy!

45 minutes walk

On my way home after a long day that took me from Silicon Valley to East Bay, then San Francisco. Back to where I started, I find a large box... a big parcel that contains... the first version of the Wii My Body Coach game... how exciting!!!!!! To have been talking about it for months, years almost and then to see it in real and hold it in my hands is quite another pleasure :)
10 minutes choreography work (as intense as the Wii ) for a 2010 project but hush... I can't unveil anything ahead of time...

Dinner: 1 handful teriaky sprouted almonds (qualifying as raw) + a tuna and corn leaf salad with a grilled bison burger (no added fat, there is no need)

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