Monday, September 28, 2009

Filming above the Golden Gate, at the beach with Olga and Paula

We are beginning our last two days of filming with the French TV channel France3...
Today we are on Half Moon Bay with Olga, the former Russian top model who wants to get back to the top and Paula.

Off to the beach! It is freezing... visibility is less than 25 yards... not the best for a shoot, but the producer, Jorge, isn't complaining. We are sharing this bit of nature with the National Geographic. Their documentary is about birds who come to this wild and very well protected coast at this time of the year. We get some great shots of a very good coaching session. The change of scenery of the beach is boosting my ladies' energy!

The following day takes us to the north of San Francisco, on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge to use the city in the distance as a backdrop. After a superb lunch at Ondine, my favorite restaurant in Sausalito, we return to the heights above SF. The howling wind is making filming very difficult, it is disheartening for the cameraman. After 3 hours of hard work, it's in the can... and we head back via Lombard Street, the most winding street in the world. We finish off with a late section about all the articles published about me and a close up of my books including the series I launched in the US "30day BootCamp" (4 live titles and one due shortly)

The shoot concludes with a party at my home with
all of my friends, well, almost all of them, there is always someone traveling. I regale my guests to several of my home made treats, I even made bread, lovingly kneaded, a raw lime tart and a raw strawberry charlotte :)

The last filming day draws to a close... it was a marvelous adventure that took us to LA and back and with some special encounters... now we await a 52 minutes documentary for the end of November... watch this space:)

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