Monday, September 7, 2009

I haven't disappeared... and the very cute plagiary by a sports coach

There are times in life where it is essential to detach oneself from the daily grind, for a few days, without any Internet or telephone connection, no contact with work, radio or television. No stress... nothing other than oneself and a brand new environment.
therefore I have just spent a week in the desert in Nevada with 50,000 other people like me.

On the program: no timetable, a lot of physical activity as the place is huge (several square miles desert)... a lot of cycling to cover the Playa as the spot is called, walking and dancing too to the tune of all sorts of music played all everywhere at all times, lots of fancy dressing but only if we feel like it... in short a kind of mix between Las Vegas (because of the night lights in the desert), Woodstock (music and freedom from convention) and modern art museum (because of all the happenings and art pieces exhibited in the desert) and all among a giant party. The star attraction? On Saturday night, the center piece, a huge wooden man is burned... and the a new year begins.

The experience was fascinating and impossible to describe with words... that is why when people ask me "so how was it?"... I have to answer "it can't be told it has to be lived" :)

Considering the constant exercise and the reduced appetite because of excitement and the heat, it is obvious that this was a rather slimming week :)

I have now returned.... I find out that we are in this weeks closer magazine as well as on the Femme Actuelle website and paper magazine... happiness.

PS: I have just been shown an article in AuFeminin that makes me smile... a personal trainer takes up all my LeBootcamp tips and claims them to be hers... its cute, a tad clumsy but it is always a nice compliment to be copied :)

That very interesting experience is nearly impossible to describe... that's why when people ask me "so how was it?"... I have to say "it can't be told, it has to be lived" :)

With constant exercise, reduced appetite because of the heat, it is clear that this week was rather slimming :)

So I am back... I find out that we are i

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